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Americanism projects, respect for the flag, Constitution, Law and Order and the proven willingness to defend these principles is evident in the day-to-day activities of members of our society.  Please visit Cabane 402's Americanism website

Child Welfare

Founded in 1923 to ease the pain and suffering of those children whose fathers never returned or who were unable to care for their needs after the "Big War." Today, this program has grown to include all children with emergent needs, and our efforts amount to over eight millions of dollars annually.


Youth Sports

Established in 1994, this program provides financial assistance in the form of grants to individual athletes or teams who lack the funds required to attend and participate in amateur sports programs.


Nurses Training

In 1955, recognizing the shortage of Registered Nurses, this program was adopted to provide financial assistance, in the form of scholarships, to those individuals who enrolled for Nurses Training.  In excess of $20,000,000 has been awarded since the inception of this program.


Carville Star

"The Carville Star," disseminates information regarding research into Hansen's Disease (Leprosy) taking place in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. "The Star" is published at the former United States Public Health Service Hospital located in Carville, Louisiana. This publication is translated and forwarded to 128 countries in addition to a circulation of more than 60,000 in the United States.


POW/MIA Program

The purpose of the National POW/MIA Program is to raise funds in Honor of the Servicemen & Women who were Prisoners of War, or are considered Missing in Action while serving in the defense of the United States of America, or its allies during times of armed conflict. The funds are raised to facilitate the formation and continuance of a Scholarship Trust Fund for the direct descendants of verifiable POW/MIA Servicemen and Women. Scholarships are limited to the Veteran, the Spouse of the veteran, children, and grandchildren of the veteran.


Charles W. Ardery Memorial Child Welfare Trust Fund

The primary function of the Charles W. Ardery Trust Fund is to provide funds to meet the emergent needs of children 17 years of age or younger.  Emergent cases are given prime consideration and are undertaken when established agencies, (Red Cross, churches, welfare, etc.), are unable to move rapidly or cannot act at all.

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