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La Grande Cabane de Georgia Presidente

Brenda Pizzo

2009 - 2010

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40 & 8

National 40 & 8 Web Site

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 American Legion Post 251, Duluth, Georgia

American Legion Riders - 251

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Pictures from the Louisiana 40 & 8 Cajun Wreck

Boxcar Hobos

National Association Boxcar Hobos

Missing in America Project

Veteran Recovery Program


You served your country through a war, or through peacetime.  You expected to receive a military burial, recognition by our government of your commitment to our great country.  You expected to have honor and respect paid to you as a result of your service to our great country.  Instead, you reside on a shelf in a mortuary or a storage facility at a crematorium. 


The mission of the MIAP project is to locate, identify and inter the unclaimed cremains of veterans through the joint efforts of private, state and federal organizations.   These forgotten veterans have served our country and, as such, deserve to be buried with honor and respect.  The impetus for our fine program began in November 2006.  The Idaho State Veterans cemetery interred 21 cremains of forgotten veterans, with full military honors and the dignity these fallen heroes so richly deserved.  Recently, a state hospital announced that 3500 cremains were on shelves to be identified.  On the shelf were cremains for the time span of the 1890s to 1971.  It is estimated 1,000 of these cremains are veterans.  This is happening in every state.



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