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Cabane 402's charter was approved in February 1999.  Initiation and installation ceremonies were held at American Legion Post 127, Buford, Georgia in March 1999. Cabane 402's first Rendezvous was held at American Legion Post 251,  Duluth, Georgia in April, 1999.

From left to right:

Cindi Farnham*, Judy Beasley*, Shari West, Sybil Arnold Simmons*, Fran Kelleher*, Dottie Heslin, Joyce Leland, Pat Hardy*, Debbie McDaniel, Brenda Anderson, Karen Wilson, Catherine Ham.  Other founding members not pictured:  Elke Adams, Ann Brown*, Brandy Franham*, Jane McDaniel, Sue Pendley, Barbara Thurman

* Denotes Current Members


Cabane 402 is located in Gwinett County, Georgia.  

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 Rendezvous are scheduled  for The Third Tuesday of each Month.


2008- 2009  Cabane 402 Officers


La Presidente                                Cathie Toppari
La Sous Presidente                       



La Grande Cheminot                     Carol Pritchard

La Commissaire Intendante           Dottie Jackson 


& La Conducteur                         
a Avocat                                        

La Drapeau                                 
La Garde de La Porte                   Tasha Toppari

La Aumonier                               Susan Wilko
orrespondante                    Carol Pritchard



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